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This program seeks to support young people to continue the learning process by accessing Higher Education Scholarship studies, encouraging both professional and personal growth.

To qualify for the scholarship, interested individuals must participate in workshops where education-related topics are discussed, career information is provided, and a vocational test is carried out.

Once selected, a tutor will be assigned to each one of the students to guide them both personally and academically. In addition, they will participate in meetings and training sessions with the group of scholarship holders.

Depending on each scholar´s situation, the amount of the scholarship is used to cover housing expenses, tuition and study materials, recreational activities, and transportation.

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GONZALO | Scholarship holder

“My objectives are to be able to be a professional, to be a role model for my brothers and the children
of my town and to make them understand that it does not matter where we come from, that everything
is possible in this life, with effort and dedication one can go very far.”

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“It is a huge happiness, and for us a worthwhile effort, having the possibility of supporting a child, even with a
small contribution, to help him complete his secondary education which is elementary in our time.”


NANDY | Mother of a scholarship holder

"Thanks to your support, Gonzalo is now in his third year of Health and Safety at the university. He is
very happy because he will be able to finish his degree. My family is full of pride to see my son
be able to fulfill his dream."

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