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This program provides economic, social and academic support to enable young people in rural
communities to complete their secondary education and develop their full potential.

The main objectives of the program are:

  • To contribute to the decrease of repetition and dropout rates.

  • To improve the learning process.

  • To promote the importance of education as a tool for the transformation of rural communities.

  • To create support networks among young people so that studying becomes a possible and attractive

  • To involve young people as agents of change in their community: organizing social projects and
    being tutors for other young people in their community.


MICAELA | Scholarship holder

"Minkai is an organization that helped a lot of kids here and it´s wonderful to have their support to achieve our goals."


“Since Minkai arrived at Ampata, everything is different, now the kids have a space where, apart from
having the guidance they need in their studies, they are also contained and feel supported."

LUIS | Volunteer

"I can say that if there´s one thing that unites us all, volunteers and tutors, it´s the desire to see the
kids grow up and succeed."

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INFOGRAFÍA - Evaluación interna del programa de becas secundarias 2022:
Queremos compartir los datos más destacados del monitoreo y evaluación del programa de becas secundarias 2022, donde pudimos conocer más a fondo las diferentes realidades que atraviesan las familias y los/as becados/as a la hora de poder asistir a la escuela y los desafíos que enfrentan para poder estudiar y su posterior - o actual- inserción laboral, entre otros.
Creemos que ningún sueño es chico cuando los soñadores son grandes, por eso seguimos trabajando para que estos/as jóvenes sean los primeros en sus familias en finalizar sus estudios y tener un futuro mejor.
Te compartimos la infografía con los datos destacados del monitoreo.

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