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To contribute to the improvement of the quality of education and to promote equal opportunities for
children and young people with low socio-economic resources in rural areas of Argentina.

Aspiramos a un país en el que todas las personas puedan tener una educación equitativa y de calidad.

We want a country where all people have guaranteed access to an equitable and quality education.

  • To involve and give tools to the educational community to promote the importance of education as a
    tool for social transformation.

  • To provide guidance and create support networks among young people to decrease repetition and
    dropout rates.

  • To implement awareness activities that call upon young people to commit themselves to education in
    rural contexts.

  • Empathy: Understand the interests of the community to propose appropriate projects.

  • Commitment: Work responsibly in each of our projects.

  • Humility: Transform our limitations and weaknesses into action in order to constantly improve

  • Respect: Consider the customs, traditions and values of the communities we work with.

  • Transparency: Manage our activities ensuring the legitimacy of the origin and destination of

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