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Minkai travels to rural communities in Simoca, Tucumán Province. These trips are open to young volunteers and have two objectives: on the one hand, to strengthen the bond with the communities we support; on the other, to involve those who participate to commit themselves to
education in rural contexts.

During the trips, the participants organize various activities and workshops in order to involve and work together with the educational community (students, teachers, parents).



| Volunteer trips

"Locals and visitors connect through the basics and, in my opinion, that’s the beauty: laughter,
anecdotes, sharing experiences and more. All kinds of barriers disappear and a bond is formed where
all participants take something positive and enriching with them."


| Ex-volunteer

"Thanks to Minkai´s great commitment and the efforts of many young people, entire families are able
to reach and value that which is intangible but ultimately vital: education. Maybe I wasn´t so wrong
with my first definition of Minkai, but I needed to travel, to be there to understand all that it


| Volunteer trips

"...apart from the fact that, at least in my case, this taught me a lot of things that made me change the
way I look at life, the image of happiness in the eyes of the children is a memory that no one will ever
be able to take away from me and I´m very grateful that I was able to live it.”