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The objective is to provide spaces for growth, development and motivation for teachers and rural school directors who work in unfavourable conditions.

Workshops and training sessions are held on a variety of topics that arise from the needs and interests identified by the teachers and directors with whom we work.

Several schools in the area participate in each instance. This is how we seek to strengthen the network so that they can solve shared problems.

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Taller Fortalecimiento
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ELENA | Ex-director

"I consider emotional education very important as one of the keys to opening the door of the heart
and broadening our view of reality. We educators are sowers of hope."

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LUZ DEL RÍO | San Andrés School

"These educational spaces constitute a look at education as a whole. They are not a series of pre-set
recipes and exercises to be put into practice by the teacher, but a different way of thinking about
learning, teaching and assessment."

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